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You like EDM. Let it move you.

BeatActive is the on-demand EDM workout that combines explosive music mixes with guided coaching to inspire you at just the right time.


edm workout
edm workout

Audio Guided Workouts

Focus on your workout instead of staring at your phone. BeatActive uses audio cues to guide you so you can get lost in the experience.

edm workout

EDM Workout Music

Each workout is perfectly synchronized to match the intensity of the music. Just when you think you can’t go anymore, the music builds to a crescendo, inspiring you to push on.

edm workout

Fitness Studio Experience, Anywhere you Are

Skip the gym, workout on your own terms. Save time and money working out at home, or explore your surroundings by taking it outdoors.

What People Are Saying

Angelique B. - Malibu, CA

“It allows me to have a continuous flow in my workout, without having to stop and unlock my phone to see what I have to do next. With BeatActive, you just just let the music and the instructor guide you.”

Andrew W. - Houston, TX

“I get bored doing the same routine over and over and lose my motivation to workout. With BeatActive, each workout is a different experience. The music is mixed into the workout in a way that’s really inspiring.

Ross A. - Denver, CO

“I love having the music and the voice perfectly timed to count down my workout. Its fun to take the app outside and workout in the fresh air instead of being stuck in front of a TV.”

edm workout

Give BeatActive a Try

The BeatActive EDM workout is about how you feel, not how you look. We’ve built an experience unlike any other.

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Available Anywhere

BeatActive is on-demand and available anywhere. Simply select your workout, press play, and let BeatActive do the rest.

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edm workout

Download the App

On March 19th, 2017, BeatActive will be live and available to download in the app store.  Click here to get access.

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