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How it Works

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Demo: Curious about Beatactive? Download for free and try 3 audio guided workouts you can do anywhere.

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Join Beatactive ($0.99/mo). Ready to step up your game? Join Beatactive in the month of June, 2016 and get unlimited access to our entire workout catalog, movement guides, exercise videos, and music tracklists. New workouts delivered weekly to your mobile device. Booyah!

Choose Your Workout Type

Kardia: Wherever you go, go with all your heart. Kardia workouts will test and improve your overall endurance, focusing on steady but challenging cardiovascular exercise. Get ready to meet your endorphins.

Soma: Feel it all around. Soma workouts will leave no muscle group untouched. These full body workouts will incorporate a comprehensive set of exercises, sure to hit those spots you didn’t even know you had.

Nucleo: Let’s get down to it. Your core is the driving force behind your body’s movement. Nucleo will emphasize core-centric movements, strengthening body and mind along the way.

Review the Movements Guide

We’ve created a nifty exercise guidebook that will accompany each workout. Take a look before you start and familiarize yourself with how to perform each exercise. Hey there…your form looks great.

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Choose Your Location

There are no limits to where you can enjoy your Beatactive workouts. Enjoy the great outdoors, show off at the gym, or take Beatactive on your work trip. You have total active freedom.

Play Your Mix

Hit play and let the sound wash over you. This is your time to eliminate distractions and get lost in the experience of your Beatactive workout. Now go and get some.