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We Challenge

The Status Quo

Fitness hacks. Get ripped quick. Six pack secrets. Ignore this noise. Instead of worrying about how you look, focus instead on how you feel. It’s time for a renaissance and Beatactive is leading the way. You are unique. Focus inwards and find the true passion behind your healthy living goals.

The Experience

Let’s eliminate the “work” from workout. What if, instead, you craved your next one? Beatactive has worked hard to develop the ultimate audio guided workout experience, free of expectations and irresistibly fun. What are you waiting for?


It’s about time someone challenged the rising prices set by the fitness industry. You should never have to pay $35 a class to get an amazing and effective workout experience. Instead, conveniently enjoy the perfect fusion of guidance, programming, and music, on your schedule and at a fraction of the cost of even the cheapest gym membership.

Beatactive Soul Cycle Barry’s Bootcamp Orange Theory Crossfit
Cost $0.99/mo $35/class $37/class $25/class $160/mo
Available Anywhere Yes No No No No
Guided Training Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Curated Music Mixes Yes Yes No No No
Custom Programming Yes No Yes Yes Yes